Darren Meehan

🤿 Advanced Open Water - Navigation

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Sinéad was my dive buddy

📅 We dove on Thursday 2024-01-25

🏝️ We dove at Twins, Koh Tao, Thailand

👀 We could see for about 12 metres

⏱️ We were below the surface for 24 minutes

📐 We swam at a max depth of 14.5 metres

🛒 We dove with Sairee Cottage


This was the first dive as part of our PADI AOW course, Navigation is a required dive.

For this dive we used a dive conputer and compass to help navigation.

Sinead and I planned a route around the pinnacles and mapped it out on a slate that we brought with us on the dive. During the dive I was confused as to where we actually were! Our boat moored on a different line than I expected and I couldnt orient myself. While figuring out where we were I burned through a lot of my air.

This knocked my confidence as a dive buddy as we had to end the dive without completing our full route. I worry that my larger size will have Sinead my poor dive buddy (and wife!!) ending all her dives earlier than she has to due to me burning all my air. You'll see

Our instructor recommended changing routes in cases like this so we get to enjoy the remainder of a dive more, great advice!

We seen some of the fish we planned to look out for when on our Fish ID dive!