Darren Meehan

Stay Real, BeReal

📅 Sunday 2024-02-04

Today a social media app that I enjoy quite a lot prompted me to take part in a "survey". It's not asking for my opinion, which in my mind is a survey. It's asking me to choose what brands and celebrities I would follow where they to join BeReal.

I'd rather not follow any brands or celebrities, I like following a few close friends and family. I want to follow fewer people, not more. I generally use the app once a day, after getting the notification that's it's time to post. Some days I open it again if friends post after I do. I find this much less toxictand time consuming than other social media apps which aim to drain my eye balls for all their worth.

I understand the desire to grow engagement, and the necessity for them to make money, but I'd like to think there's another way.